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Acquire Relevant, Customized Training When and where you need it

TrainND provides content that is customized for your business, specific to your industry, and designed to match the needs of your employees. If you have unique, specialized training requirements, TrainND has the experience and resources you need for successful employee development.

Needs assessment and customized curriculum development

TrainND can help you assess and identify skill gaps, and then work with you to deliver customized training that fills those gaps. Whether your needs are in technology or leadership, technical or soft skills, we can help get your company and staff on the right track for success.
Technical Training
With the growth of the oil and gas industry, the increased needs of agribusiness, and the ever-changing requirements of manufacturing and technical trades, TrainND strives to develop and deliver instruction that directly impacts those industries. Our trainers are accredited WellCAP providers by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC). We also can train employees to obtain their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), National Certification for Crane Operators (NCCCO), or to maintain electrical systems or boilers.

For manufacturing, there are courses in welding, geometric distancing and tolerancing (GD&T), FARO 3-D imaging, occupational safety (OSHA), and manual lathe and mill. Contact us about your company’s unique needs, and we can also develop customized training for your employees.

Other technical training we offer includes blueprint reading, engineering drawing, process/power plant, asbestos abatement, and ArcGIS.
Health Training
Healthcare and social assistance organizations employ over 50,000 workers in North Dakota, more than any other industry in the state. TrainND offers Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Certified Medication Aide (CMA), and Qualified Service Provider (QSP) training. We also provide CPR, First Aid, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and IV Certification courses to help fulfill the staffing needs of our state’s healthcare organizations.
Computer Training
Staying up to date on technology and computer skills can be challenging in today’s world. TrainND can help you or your employees become proficient, because we know that the faster you harness the power of IT, the better. We provide instruction on a wide variety of technology subject matter: software, networking and hardware, security, programming, e-commerce, telecommunications, and social media.
Organizational Training
Realize your competitive advantage with Development Dimensions International (DDI). DDI is the top leadership development company in the world with proven curriculum.

In a recent study of more than 600 managers worldwide, DDI found that a leadership transition at work was rated as more stressful than a divorce or bereavement. DDI training can help manage the stress, with a series of four-hour sessions designed to give leaders at any level the edge they need to thrive in the challenging, ever-changing business world.

DDI Courses include Communication for Leadership Success, Coaching for Peak Performance, Executing Strategy at the Front Line, and Resolving Workplace Conflict.

Other leadership and management courses can be customized to meet your company’s individual needs.
Soft Skills Training
In a recent study done by Adecco Group, the world’s largest provider of human resource solutions, 44 percent of executives believe that American workers lack necessary soft skills. Of the executives who believe there is a skills gap, 89 percent say that apprenticeships and training programs could help.
If your business needs help building soft skills, look to TrainND. We offer programs on communications, teamwork, generational diversity, stress management, problem solving, critical thinking, and conflict resolution. Our curricula is designed for employees across the spectrum of skillsets, allowing inexperienced employees to learn the basics and seasoned staff to gain more advanced skills.
The Related Study Program (Apprenticeship) offers a variety of non-credit correspondence courses for individuals in a technical field who cannot attend regular college learning activities. Employees, isolated apprentices, or on-the-job trainees can expand and/or update their knowledge through additional courses in their related field of study. Courses such as: Carpentry, Cement-Masonry, Fiber-Optics and Cabling/Low Voltage, Electrical, Roofing, Machine Shop, Plumbing/HVAC, Refrigeration, Sheet Metal, Boilers, Welding, and N.D. Pharmacy.
Online Training, on demand
TrainND offers hundreds of courses online, that you take at your own pace, to improve your skills and give you a leg up at work and in life. With prices starting at $99, our online training is affordable, accessible, and can build the skills workers need in as little as six weeks. Popular topics include Introduction to QuickBooks, Effective Business Writing, Designing Effective Websites, Computer Skills for the Workplace, and more.
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Very knowledgeable instructor. I can tell he has experience in this field.
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