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About TrainND

Uniquely Equipped to Serve North Dakota

TrainND is the state’s most comprehensive and inclusive training network. We are comprised of the largest network of training specialists in the state, our courses and training areas are as diverse as the individuals and organizations that we serve–from industry-specific programs to training that applies to all fields. TrainND works to provide training for virtually every industry, in every corner of North Dakota providing businesses in each region with a single point of contact for all their training needs.

Points of contact to begin increasing your employee productivity: We also have regional offices located in Minot, Grand Forks, Jamestown, and Fargo. Wherever you are, we’re in touch with the region’s businesses and its unique challenges.

2017 TrainND Update

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We at SM Energy felt the service you provided to us was extremely easy and handled very professionally, we plan on using you in the future.
L. Rholdt SM Energy