[ It's a competitive world. Train for it. ]

It takes the right training to improve, grow, and succeed.

We expand opportunities for businesses in North Dakota by training your employees to achieve more. Whether you’re training IT professionals, managers, welders – or any worker – we can help develop the skills you need at all levels. Our comprehensive, customized adult learning and employee training enables North Dakota businesses to maintain a well-trained workforce to stay viable and competitive.
We help North Dakota ensure that its businesses can compete in the global economy by:
  • Maximizing Employee Productivity
  • Keeping up with Trends and Technology
  • Providing Access to Professional Experts in the Region
TrainND provides organizational and employee training which allows businesses to further develop internal talent. TrainND works with business and industry providing an assessment to determine each organization’s needs, then provide courses to meet those identified needs and builds a program that’s right for the continued development of employees, increasing employee and organizational productivity.

It’s a competitive world. Train for it.

An Incredible Teacher
An incredible teacher, he knows his stuff and covered a ton of information in an efficient way. I wired homes for a year and I have a four-year degree in electronics. In these two days, I expected to learn nothing about electricity and I am completely wrong. I found out that there is so much more that I should know.
John Howard, Tecton Products LLC